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If you need any help, feel free to contact any of these people. To see a list of every administrator from Archives' history, go here.

Current Administrators[edit]

Administrator name Signature Date Promoted IRC nick(s) Time zone Bureaucrat? Status
FlagUSA.svg Mario Rk (talk | contribs | deleted contribs | blocks | email) Mario Rk (T) (C) 17 November 2012 Mario-Rk GMT -5 (Eastern Standard Time) Yes Almost Fully Active


  • Fully Active - These are the best users to contact when you need an administrator. They log on and edit every few days.
  • Almost Fully Active - These users log in once a week or so. They are good to contact in an emergency, but it would be better to contact a fully active administrator.
  • Partially Active - These users log on from time to time, usually once every few weeks. These users are good to contact, but not for emergencies. These users may be active on IRC, but not fully active here. You may wish to visit our IRC channel to see them and the rest of the active admins.
  • Inactive - Do not contact these users. They do not log on at all, and will likely be demoted soon.
  • Away - These users are currently away. (e.g. on vacation.), and their temporary inactivity has been excused.