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This is where you can suggest new topics for the Club Penguin Archives to-do list. An active administrator will message you after you submit an idea, to let you know if it was added or not. If an administrator doesn't message you within a month of your submission to this section, feel free to message an administrator on their talk and ask them to look at your idea!

Club Penguin Space (2005 - 2010 SWFs)[edit]

Riyita recently released quite a few SWF files dating back to when Club Penguin started out. You can find SWFs hosted on

It will be nice if we can get these on the archive as the hosting for that domain is expiring in October of this year.



EDIT: I realised this is already being done. My apologies, can this topic be removed? Thanks.

Party Room Pages[edit]

Those will be made by me through the next several days. -MasterLoopy