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If you notice, most SWFs of the game are misaligned. These tutorials will show you show to get high-quality images that are properly aligned.

From the web[edit]

We have a script that can fix the bounding boxes, scale, and render SWFs into PNG or SVG, automating the below instructions.

Windows, GUI[edit]

Command line[edit]

This can be done from any OS with swftools. On Ubuntu and most other distros, you can find in your package manager.

Open up a terminal in the directory where the SWF you want to convert is. You can generally right-click the directory and select "Open Terminal Here," but if you don't have this, you can open a terminal and type

$ cd ~/path/to/SWF/folder

Where the path after cd is the folder your SWF is. Remember paths on Linux are case sensitive! You can use the tab key to fill in parts for you, to speed up typing. The dollar sign is your prompt, to start typing commands on.

The problem with the SWFs is that they are misaligned for displaying standalone. A tool in swftools is called "swfbbox" - this tool can repair the SWF so it looks "proper."

$ swfbbox -o newfile.swf file.swf -e

Where "newfile.swf" is the name you want to call new file for the reformatted SWF and "file.swf" is the file to fix. The "-e" command tells it to fix the bounding boxes.

If you look at the SWF now, it looks perfectly fine! You can take a picture of it, but if you want, you can render it into a PNG at the command line - this has the advantage of being transparent.

$ swfrender -o file.png newfile.swf

Where "file.png" is the name of the PNG you want to output and "newfile.swf" is the name of the SWF we outputted in the last step.

But that image is very small! You will definitely want it larger. You can use the "swfcombine" tool with the --dummy and -s parameters to scale the file:

$ swfcombine -s 5000 -o newfile.swf --dummy newfile.swf

After using swfcombine, you might want to take a look at the file's new size to see if you like it or not:

$ swfbbox newfile.swf
Movie Size accordings to file header: 1795.00 x 2495.00 :-877.50 :-1232.50

When you are satisfied with the result, you can render it again:

$ swfrender -o file.png newfile.swf