Snow Forts

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2009-2011 (Ice Rink)
2009-2011 (Stadium)
2011-2012 (Ice Rink)
2011-2012 (Stadium)
2012-2013 (Ice Rink, prior to Puffle Hotel)
2013 (Stadium, prior to Puffle Hotel)
2013 (Stadium, Puffle Hotel)
2013-2015 (Stadium, Target)
2013-2015 (Ice Rink, Puffle Hotel)
June 2015-July 2015 (Ice Rink, Puffle Berry Mall)
July 2015-November 2015 (Stadium, Puffle Berry Mall)
November 2015-February 2016 (Ice Rink, Puffle Berry Mall)
February 2016-present (right snow bank added back)


Halloween Party 2007
Sub-Marine Party 2008
Winter Fiesta 2009
Puffle Party 2009
St. Patrick's Day Party 2009
Medieval Party 2009
Adventure Party 2009(Construction)
Adventure Party 2009
Music Jam 2009(Construction)
Music Jam 2009
Festival of Flight
The Fair 2009
Halloween Party 2009
Holiday Party 2009


Puffle Party 2010
April Fools Party 2010
Medieval Party 2010(Construction)
Medieval Party 2010
Island Adventure Party 2010
Music Jam 2010
December 3rd-December 16th, 2010. While the Snowflakes Pin was hidden there.
Waddle On Party 2017
Waddle On Party 2017 (fireworks)