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Here is a list of all of the past featured SWF files.

Month Name Link/File
November 2012 Dojo Courtyard, Dojo Grand Re-Opening DojoExtGrandOpening2008.swf
December 2012 Map, Holiday Party 2010 HolidayParty2010Map.swf
January 2013 Coffee Shop, Winter Fiesta 2009 WinterFiesta2009Coffee.swf
February 2013 Back Stage, Penguin Play Awards 2010 Back Stage
March 2013 Pet Shop, Renovation March 2011 PetConstructionMar2011.swf
April 2013 Recycling Plant, April Fools' Party 2011 AprilFools'Party2011Eco.swf
May 2013 Ski Village, Medieval Party 2012 MedievalParty2012village.swf
July 2013 Musicatron 3000, Music Jam 2011 MusicJam2011Party.swf
September 2013 Plaza, Fall Fair 2007 RoomsPlaza-FallFair2007.swf
October 2013 Party Telescope, Halloween Party 2012 Halloween2012TelescopeParty.swf
November 2013 Brown Puffle Cave, Wilderness Expedition WildernessExpeditionParty13.swf
January 2014 January 2009 Penguin Style January09Style.swf
February 2014 Snow Forts, The Fair 2012 Fair2012Forts.swf
June 2014 Black Soccer Jersey ClothingIcons779.swf
July 2014 Ice Berg, Music Jam 2010 MusicJam2010Berg.swf
September 2014 Coffee Shop, The Fair 2011 TheFair2011Coffee.swf
October 2014 Login Screen, Halloween Party 2011 HalloweenParty2011StartBillboards.swf
February 2015 Night Club, Sub-Marine Party NightClub.swf
March 2015 Ski Hill, St. Patrick's Day Party 2009 2009313_min.swf
April 2015 Coffee Shop, April Fools' Party 2008 RoomsCoffeeAprilFools2008.swf
May 2015 Wagon Wheel, The Fair 2014 TheFair2014Party8.swf
July 2015 Login Screen, Music Jam 2011 LoginMusicJam2010%281%29.swf
July 2016 Stage, Twelfth Fish RoomsStage-Christmas2007.swf
February 2017 Original homepage video FlashVideo6.swf